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 (A step to the next stage of progressive education and democracy) 30 December 2019

I understood one thing very well while preparing for my civil service  Being a citizen of a democratic country, what should every person of India understand.  Maximum population of India lives in the villages and countryside.  Their children come from schools in Gabon.  And he stayed away from these values ​​for some reason.  Because government efforts can try to make you move forward, but unless you try for yourself you cannot get away from the culture of mother-father only in which you join hands for your rights.  You are a citizen of a democratic country.  As a citizen of a democratic country, I took an initiative with you to build an ideal India, not an ideal village.  In which there should be inclusive development and not everyone has to get away from every aspect of their right to education.  In this initiative, along with education, we promote their rights, moral values, attachment to our culture, government relations, good relations among the people, good governance initiatives of the government, environmental protection, better government initiatives,  Humanity, Promoting the values ​​of international organizations, Respect for the Constitution, Development of Ganga-Jamuni culture among different cultures and religions, Right use of technology, Linguistic information, Emotional intelligence, Social justice, Peace, Strong democratic institution, Skill development, Climate  Preparing for change, water conservation, energy conservation, good health, freedom from hunger causes, innovation, rural development, development of education, gender equality, unity in the country.  All this is possible only when education will be progressive.  Education takes the country to the next stage of democracy because education does not improve the cable years of humans but improves the coming generations.  (A step for inclusive progress of mankind)

Ashok Kumar Meena

TSB Founder